The beginning

I have thought about starting a blog for some time, but I haven’t been sure how to do it. I’ve been thinking about making a video blog too, but I guess I’m not ready for that yet. I don’t want to show my face, because some things I write here could be quite flamboyant.

So, what are those things? I’m dealing with some political issues, traditional european culture and surviving in a modern world. I’m going to write a lot about paganism too and how I’m viewing the world generally.

I don’t want to tell very much about myself, but let’s say that I’m a finnish woman, whose thoughts have changed a lot during a year. Of course there are some things that have been part of me longer, but I guess I really found my path about year ago. I have found my real values and now I feel better than ever, but of course changing your life radically could sometimes be hard. That doesn’t mean it’s a bad thing, no. To me, difficulties mean a great adventure and I’m looking forward to face every challenge, because challenges are the best way to improve yourself.

There are several reasons why I’m writing this blog. Sometimes I feel very lonely because there aren’t very many people who view the world in the same way as I. I just need to process these thoughts in some way and I guess writing is the most natural way for me. However, I have never wrote much in english so I must apologize for errors. To me, this is a perfect way to learn. Feel free to correct me, if it’s needed. I gladly recieve feedback.

You’re welcome join me in my adventure of making this life beautiful.